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We Do NOT Duplicate Keys

Potomac Pet Care has received many inquiries from pet parents who are concerned about Pet Sitting companies that make duplicate sets of house keys in order to send out random pet sitters to best suit the schedule of the Pet Sitting company.  Because of this legitimate concern, Potomac Pet Care will NEVER make duplicates of ANY of our clients' house keys.

In the unlikely event that housekeys are lost, stolen or misplaced, Potomac Pet Care is insured up to $2,000 to re-key any residence.  In addition, all sets of keys provided by the pet parents to Potomac Pet Care NEVER carry identifying information.  As a safety precaution, all keys are labeled ONLY with the names of the pets to whom they belong.  For example, Rebecca Heiler's keys would be labled, "Moose, Bellie and Murple."  In the event that we have duplicate pet names, keys are labled with the pet's name and last inital (i.e. "Moose H."). 

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