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(pricing is for Mon-Fri daily Services)

Daily Dog Walks

Daily Dog Walks are the most popular and complete source of exercies and entertainment for your dog.  This visit includes an aerobic neighborhood walk and lots of play time.  Fresh water (and food if feeding time), a brushdown and a report card are provided for you with the highlights of that day's visit.  Mail and newspapers will be brought in at your request, and accident cleanup is also included. 

Daily Dog Walks are $22 for one dog

($5 for each additional dog)


"Pit Stop" Service

Pit Stop Servie is also provided.  This service is most suitible for dogs who need only a brief break in the middle of the day.  This service includes potty time in your fenced yard, fresh water and play time. 

Pit Stop Service is $17 for one dog

($2 for each additional dog)


Complete Cat Care

Your kitty will be pampered and entertained by Potomac Pet Care.  Our Kitty visits include fresh food and water, a box scooping, and companion time where we entertain and lovingly interact with your cat.  Also let us know if your kitty enjoys a brushing -- we are happy to oblige! 

Complete Cat Care is $20/visit for up to three cats

($2 for each additional cat)

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